EXcell 240

NIR Biomass Sensor DN25

EXcell 240 is a high precision digital NIR-absorbance sensor for DN25-weld in sockets monitoring biomass measurement in biotech, food and pharma applications for both laboratories and industrial production processes. It´s design made of stainless steel, it´s wearless sapphire windows, it´s LED technology and the integrated digital amplifier makes them a reliable, robust, cost efficient and unique measuring device. Different measuring units for absorbance, turbidity and mass like AU / OD / FAU / EBC or mg/l can be displayed or even a customer defined measuring unit can be chosen. The parametrizing software EXpert allows a comfortable and easy sensor parametrization. Also measuring values can be displayed graphically and can be stored and exported. There are different communication interfaces for USB, RS485 Modbus or for 0...20mA current output available. The sensor can be mounted into a DN25 welding socket which is available on many industrial fermenters. For best hygienic installation the appropriate o-ring-position can be chosen.

NIR-Absorptionssensor EXcell 240

Your advantages

  • EBC / FAU / mg/l / AU / OD or customer defined units
  • high precision measurement up to 12 OD
  • DN25mm-design for welding sockets with integrated amplifier
  • no traditional transmitter necessary
  • wearless sapphire windows, hygienic design
  • maintenance free due to LED light source
  • PC-connection via USB and EXpert software
  • Modbus RS485 or 0…20mA current output interfaces
  • easy parametrization


  • Specifications

    measuring range 0...6 AU 0...6600 EBC
    accuracy 99.25%
    wave length 880nm
    light source LED
    optical path length 5 / 10 / 20 mm
    sensor length (mm) 70-85 / 110-125
    wetted material stainless steel 1.4435 (316L)
    surface Ra <0.4µm electrolytical polished
    measuring window sapphire
    process connection thread G1 1/4" DN25
    process temperature 0...90°C, 135°C max. for 2 hours (SIP cycle)
    process pressure max. 10 bar (150 psi)
    electrical coonection VarioPin 6 pol
    cable length 2m / 5m standard, 15m maximum
    interfaces USB, RS485 Modbus, 0...20mA with switching output
  • Measurements

    EXcell 240
    EXcell 240
  • Applications

    • cell growth measurement
    • suitable for fermentation processes
    • usable in industrial fermentation vessels
    • filter observation
    • color independent concentration measurement
  • Downloads

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