EXspect 260 is a high precisely compact NIR immersion sensor monitoring turbidity or absorption of production processes in the food and pharmaceutical industry as well as in many ranges of process and chemical applications. The robust and compact structure in the stainless steel housing and the wear-free sapphire windows make the EXspect 240 a reliable absorption sensor with integrated transmitter. Two alarm limits can be programmed over the measuring range from 0… 100.0%. The sensor provides an analogue output of 4… 20mA. It is mounted onto the process by a thread PG13. The installation dimensions correspond to a standardised pH sensor. Thus this sensor can be used also in combination with fully automatic cleaning systems by our proven pH retractable holders of series Extract 8XX and the associated control unit EXmatic 460. A fully automatic cleaning of the measuring windows under process conditions makes that system suitable for the reliable employment also in most difficult applications. Thus this sensor is suitable in particular for concentration measurements, product separation, centrifuge and filter monitoring as well as waste water control.

EXspect 240/260

Your advantages

  • EBC / FAU / mg/l / AU or OD values are displayed
  • Compact design with integrated transmitter
  • Robust Sapphire windows SIP/CIP-capable
  • Hygenic design
  • LED light source guarantees long-lived and stable signal
  • Integrated contact and analogue output
  • Easy set up
  • Capable of being adapted with retractable holders for automatic cleaning


  • Specifications

    Measuring range 0...3AU, 0...6OD 0...3250EBC, 0...13000FAU
    Wave length 880 nm
    Light source LED
    Optical path length 5mm
    Sensor length 120mm / 225mm / 325mm
    Material stainless steel 1.4435 (316L)
    Surface electro-polished < Ra 0,37μm
    Windows Sapphire
    Power supply 24VDC
    Analogue output 4…20mA
    Switching output NO or NC 150mA
    Cable connection M12 plug, 5-pin
    Cable length 2m, 5m oder 10m
    Process connection G ½“ for welding socket
    Process temperature 0…90 ºC, 140 ºC max. 2h (SIP-cycle)
    Process presure max. 10 bar (150 psig) @ 60ºC
    Protection class IP68
  • Measurements

    EXspect 240/260
    EXspect 240/260
  • Applications

    • High precisely OD- or turbidity measurement
    • Phase separation
    • Filter observation
    • Concentration measurement independent from color
  • Downloads

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